Cassper’s Don Billiato advert partially pulled because it glamorises drinking

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) ordered Cassper Nyovest’s Don Billiato advert to be partially upheld because it glamorises drinking.

“As the commercial in its entirety is in breach of clauses 1.1.3 and 1.4.1 of appendix A, the respondent must withdraw the advertising, in its current format, within the guidelines set out in clause 15.3 of the procedural guide, namely ‘immediately, as deadlines permit’.”

The verdict came after the Drinks Federation of South Africa (DFSA) complained to the ARB about the advert. At the core of DFSA’s complaint is the social media and television advertising of the tequila brand.

The television commercial aired on DStv channel 203 on 11 April after 9pm and on 14 April after 4pm. The social media ad was on the brand’s official Instagram page.

The ad first aired on screens in September 2022 but the complaint was only received in May this year.

Don Billiato advert

The advert depicts a group of people all dressed in white, boarding a private airplane.

Cassper Nyovest portrays the ‘host’ character where he welcomes everyone on board, saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Air Billiato. Enjoy a taste of wealth.”

The people on board are captured drinking the tequila, laughing and cheering.

The pilot is depicted by media personality Somizi Mhlongo, who also states: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Air Billiato.”

In the final scene, musician and dancer Toss, whose real name is Pholoso Masombuka, is seen dancing topless on the airplane’s wing.

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Issues with the advert

Some of the grievances stated by the DFSA include the use of celebrities and the breach of primary appeal. But the respondent said the advert featured celebs that are all Cassper’s friends “and no one was paid to be on the plane”.

Another complaint was that the advert doesn’t reinforce a responsible approach to drinking. “The advert does not feature an underage statement read in a voiceover in the same language as the main message,” the complaint expressed.

There was also an issue with Don Billiato’s social media platform, where the DFSA said it believed that the social media platforms (namely Twitter/X and Instagram) for the brand breach the Code of Communication for the Alcohol industry, per the ARB’s website, as follows: Section 1.8.2.

“No authorised responsible drinking messages are displayed on social media platforms or shareable, downloadable assets (images and videos). The “Not for Under 18” token is also not used on any small screen formats.”

The respondent took responsibility for the lack of these messages.

“’Not for sale to under 18′ has been added to the platforms and going forward we will include it in the posts. The page was managed by Cassper.”

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More issues

The DFSA also took issue with the ad implying that the alcohol brand would lead to personal success through the tagline ‘Taste of Wealth’”.

But in reply, the respondent said ‘Taste of Wealth’ is tongue in cheek, which is enforced with the pilot being Somizi and Toss dancing on the wing. Toss is a retired footballer and the outfit he is wearing is iconic and he is always seen in that attire. The other shot is brief and for less than a second.”

The ARB agreed with the respondent.

“In the directorate’s opinion, suggest that drinking alcohol would result in business success, but rather that by drinking this brand of tequila you could be exposed to a level of wealth and glamour. This implies
that by drinking this brand you will enjoy social success.”

The ARB didn’t deem it a transgression that Toss was topless.

“The Directorate does not believe, however, that the clothing or attire in question is sexually lewd or in any way inappropriate. In the context of the lifestyle, music and dancing portrayed, although arguably not tasteful, the attire does not appear inappropriate.”

DFSA also took issue with the ad’s use of the SAB Sharp logo as Don Billiato is not a contributor to any SAB Sharp programmes and is independently produced.

“This was done by the agency and we have corrected. We had ARA sign,” said the respondent. The advertiser of the ad was Blue Sky Brand Company.

The Citizen reached out the Cassper Nyovest and is yet to receive a response. The story will be updated should the response come.

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