Chosen Becky heartbroken: eldest son Hrim Kukiriza’s unexplained ailment leaves her in tears

Singer Chosen Becky born Rebecca Kukiriza is currently heartbroken as her eldest son battles an unexplained illness.

For several years now, Becky’s eldest son whom she sired from her previous failed relationship has been battling strange health complications.

This has seen the singer visit various medical facilities, however, despite costly treatment, all efforts have proven fruitless.

In the latest video shared via Hrim’s TikTok account, he could be seen grappling with a swollen jaw, and breathing challenges.

Overwhelmed with emotions due to her son’s current health state, Chosen Becky teared up, as she pleaded for God’s assistance during this difficult time.

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As Hrim continues to battle health challenges, netizens have united forces to pray for his speedy recovery.

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