Former Minister Recommends IB Diploma Programme for Nigeria

Greensprings School recently celebrated the graduation of its IB Diploma students, marking the completion of their intensive two-year academic journey. The ceremony, attended by parents, guests and staff, featured Mr. Osita Chidoka, former Minister of Aviation, as the keynote speaker.

In his address, Chidoka advocated for Nigeria’s adoption of the IB Diploma programme, suggesting a re-evaluation of the current 6-3-3-4 system. He highlighted the IB Diploma curriculum’s strengths in fostering critical thinking, global awareness, and comprehensive education.

He described the IB Diploma as the international gold standard in education that encourages independent thinking and prepares students for success in top universities.

“The IB Diploma programme is widely acclaimed as the gold standard of education worldwide, encouraging students to be independent thinkers. Top universities around the world seek out IB Diploma graduates for the high level of college preparedness that the program instils in its students,” Chidoka stated.

He stressed the importance of creating an environment where students can develop their potential and contribute meaningfully to society. He left the graduates with the “Chidoka Principles” – Uche (wisdom), Uchu (diligence), and Egwuchukwu (morality and fear of God) to guide their future endeavours. He also encouraged them to uphold these values, stressing that good character is fundamental towards achieving sustainable success in their academic and professional journeys.

The school also honoured some of the graduands, who secured multiple scholarships from universities in Europe and North America.

Thirty-six graduates were awarded over $12 million in scholarships, affirming the programme’s impact in preparing students for higher education and beyond.

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