LSK calls for resignation of Chebochok as director of tea factory director

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has called for the resignation of John Chebochok from his position as director of Toror Tea Factory, following a BBC exposé on his involvement in sexual exploitation of workers.

Through its President Faith Odhiambo, LSK questioned the vetting process that cleared Chebochok for candidacy despite the sexual allegations against him.

The law body also expressed shock over the justification to retain Chebochok as the director of the organization despite the expose and public outrage.

“It is imperative that candidates for leadership posutions, especially in industries with a history of gender-based violence, undergo thorough background checks to ensure they are of unblemished character,

“We are taken aback by the incurably deficient justification provided by the IEBC CEO, claiming that the presentation of all relevant documents, including a police clearance certificate, was sufficient to validate Mr Chebochok’s candidacy. We remind the IEBC of their mandate under Article 88(5) of the Constitution to perform their duties,” the statement by LSK reads in parts.

LSK Statement on the Election of Mr. John Chebochok as Director of Toror Tea Factory.

— Law Society of Kenya (@LawSocietyofKe) July 10, 2024

While condemning Chebochok’s election, LSK stated that his election undermines efforts to combat sexual and gender-based violence within the sector.

The body subsequently issued a list of demands to the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) including Chebochok’s resignation and called on IEBC to review its vetting procedures.

LSK also wants KTDA to implement robust policies and mechanisms to ensure safety and protection of all workers from exploitation and sexual harassment.

Additionally, LSK called on KTDA and other stakeholders to be transparent about the steps being taken to address the address the concerns.


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