‘Mnajionea shida ilikuwa wapi’ – Gospel singer Nicah drops bombshell on ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has once again made waves with her recent social media post, throwing shade at her ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke. 

Sharing on her Instagram on July 10, 2024, Nicah alleged that Dr Ofweneke was now in his third marriage, prompting her to question what led to the end of his second marriage. 

In a sarcastic tone, Nicah implied that she was not the cause of their marriage coming to an end.

“Mnajionea shida ilikuwa wapi Wacha niende hivi nacome! #jesusgurl In the shower vibing to anguka nayo. Mimi hii dunia mtanionesha mambo!! You guys said I’m the problem! Sasa Naona ex husband ako kwa ndoa ya tatu hebu nipeeni udaku. Shida ya huyo wa pili ilikuwa gani na alikuwa love of his lifeeeeh Ofwenekee,” Nicah stated.

The public dispute between Nicah and Dr Ofweneke is not unfamiliar, as the former couple has a history of public disagreements. 

Screengrab of Nicah’s instagram post. PHOTO/@nicahthequeen/Instagram

Nicah the Queen VS Dr. Ofweneke

In 2023, Comedian Dr Ofweneke in an interview stated that their separation was amicable, but Nicah’s recent revelations have reignited the conversation surrounding their past. 

“I loved Nicah so much that I forgot myself, but the day I rediscovered myself is the day I told her mama, it’s been a good stretch. Actually, we were holding hands watching Netflix. We were in the house, the kids were there, my brother and sister,” Ofweneke revealed.

Further, Ofweneke outlined that he heard God’s voice speaking to him telling him that Nicah was not the right woman for him. He later married his second wife Christine Tenderess.

“We were not perfect for each other… I remember that day that I left I remember God was laughing in my ear, this was not the marriage he had planned for me. She is a good woman, amazing…but she is not the person I planned out for you. So you went with aesthetics, while I was going for the calling,” Ofweneke said.

Comedian Dr. Ofweneke and ex-wife Nicah the queen. PHOTO/@nicahthequeen/Instagram

Netizens reactions

Nicah’s post quickly caught the attention of fans and followers, eliciting mixed reactions. 

While some supported Nicah’s candid approach, others criticised her for delving into her ex-husband’s personal life and urged her to move on from the past.

@lennygladys Ngai nguvu ya kufuatilia ex mnatoa wapi yooo”

@Tom__godfather Ako kwa ndoa ya tatu na bado ako in your mind!!! Move on ma’am”

@Donshila2 You could have just asked him on WhatsApp. You just want to soil his brand kesho ulie ati hatumi child support”

@its_shady_esen Sasa maisha yake inakusumbua na nini?? Plus mluhya ni mtu polygamous bwana!”

@purientinyari085 Ukishaulika nakujanga na stry za ofwenekee na hata wewe uko ya tatu aftr kuachana na DJ”

@brenda_unyakeki Sasa wewe si ukondeshwe na ya kwako ama unamtaka bado??Sisi mambo yako na ex wako yanatuhusu nini..grow up! Hizi n signs za mtu alikataa kuachwa!”

@diannah_nkathahYaani unamumiss hadi unaanika maisha yake na pegs color zote , Jesus girls dont do that ,move on ,mind your own ”

@thriving_and_flourishingNa wewe uko relationship ya ngapi since muachane? Ebu spill it all”

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