Iran and Israel Shadow war

Iran and Israel Shadow war

Iran and Israel Shadow war

For decades, Israel and Iran have been engaged in a “shadow war”, said Foreign Affairs. Now, the war in Gaza is “disrupting their already delicate calculus, and the longer the conflict continues, the more it will reduce the incentives for moderation and raise the risk of Israeli-Iranian conflict”.

Attacks by Iran’s proxy groups, most recently on ships in the Red Sea, are part of wider efforts by Tehran to oppose Israel, end its war in Gaza and supplant the US (and, to a lesser extent, Saudi Arabia) as the foremost power in the Middle East.

Iran’s allies and proxies have so far “been undeterred by the huge show of US force in the region”, said Alex Rossi, Sky News’s international correspondent, but Washington must “decide whether hostilities have now crossed the Rubicon”, an Atlantic Council expert said.

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