Is the Zionist regime is losing the war?

Is the Zionist regime is losing the war?

The Zionist regime is losing the war. – David Miller

Two statements in recent days from senior military figures in the Zionist entity. 

1. Reserve Major General Gershon Hacohen

“Israel” is currently facing an “existential threat”, with its motto being “to be or not to be,” Israeli Reserve Major General Gershon Hacohen warned, emphasizing that “Israel” lacks the military capability to eliminate the threat posed by the Lebanese Resistance group Hezbollah.

The Israeli Major General explained that the Israeli military does not currently possess “the size of forces capable of decisive action against Hezbollah…”

“Lebanon is a large country and Hezbollah is spread across all its territory, even in the depths of Lebanon,” he added.

“You must understand that the Israeli army is small, and not only Haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) but hundreds of thousands of those exempted from service from the age of 20 to 50 must be recruited to build three or four divisions, and then we can talk,” Hacohen told the Israeli Channel 14.

2. Major General [Reserve] Yitzhak Brik

“There is one clear and certain fact, and I confirm it because of my knowledge of the facts – the ‘Israeli’ army does not have the ability to win this war against Hamas, and certainly not against Hezbollah,” he wrote. “I believe so; not because we do not want to win, but simply because we are not able to do so. Our army is small and worn out and does not have surplus forces. In this situation, every day that the war continues, our situation will get worse.”

Brik believed that “the ‘Israeli’ army and the ‘state’ will collapse from within.” He further noted that “the collapse of the ‘state’ is only a matter of time because we may lose it if a comprehensive regional war breaks out here as well.

“The leaders, at the political and military levels, who are leading the war in Gaza, do not want to acknowledge the difficult facts for which they bear responsibility. They have only one agenda, which is to continue fighting at any cost, because this alone guarantees them the ability to retain their positions for another short period.”

Brik went on to explain that “you cannot talk to anyone. They have a deep hatred within themselves because of the failure they brought to ‘Israel’, and they continue to fight without a basis and without rational thinking. In the end, it will lead to the collapse of ‘Israel’. They must be stopped, as they are leading the people of ‘Israel’ like sheep to the slaughter; this is a group that is completely out of its mind and gone off the rails. They do not want to save the state, but rather to save themselves and remain in power.”…

“We are losing countries of the world at a speed we have never known before. Our relations with the Egyptians may also be severed, and we will add the Egyptian army to the list of our enemies.”

Orban Mpho (truenews)

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