Media Silence On Susan Crisis

Media Silence On Susan Crisis


Sudan’s one-year-old civil war has slipped under the radar as the world focuses on Israel’s brutal offensive in Rafah, but it’s no less horrific. 

Here, Sudanese content creator Sara lists shocking war crimes allegedly committed in just one day by the Rapid Support Forces. On June 5th, they attacked a village in central Sudan, massacring up to 100 people, according to local reports. Three days before that, 85 Sudanese civilians were killed and over 110 injured after clashes between Sudan’s Army and the RSF, in El Fasher, the capital city of North Darfur State.

There have been efforts to bring the atrocities to the world’s attention. In April, Sudan issued a complaint against the United Arab Emirates involvement at the UN Security Council. It’s alleged the UAE supports the RSF, which is accused of war crimes. However, details of the case were heard under ‘closed consultations’ at the request of UNSC permanent member Britain. It basically barred non-member states from participating, including Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Al-Harith Idris. 

Several Western governments have urged the UAE to stop supporting the RSF. Abu Dhabi denies involvement, although UN experts say there’s evidence of weapons supply, logistics and funding.

Since fighting broke out in April, 2023, over 150-thousand people have been killed, nine-million displaced and 18-million are suffering acute hunger. If the current situation continues, 2.5-million people could die from lack of food by the end of September. That’s according to recent estimates by the Clingendael Institute, a Dutch think tank.

The situation is catastrophic. Help Sara’s message reach far and wide by sharing and commenting on this video.

Sara’s Twitter handle is: @BSonblast

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