More USS Eisenhower Rumors and Mystery.

More USS Eisenhower Rumors and Mystery.

More USS Eisenhower Rumors and Mystery.

By Will Schryver.

There are now anecdotal stories swirling that the USS Eisenhower is in some sort of OPSEC (operations security) condition. Supposedly regular communications between family in the US with their shipboard relatives are currently prohibited, or at least severely limited. Well … maybe so. And, if so, it is an odd development that only adds to the other odd developments that have continued to dribble out over the past several days.

This much is certain: IF the Ike really did get hit in any fashion that inflicted meaningful damage, and IF they want to conceal that fact from the OSINT bros and the unwashed masses, they will NOT transit the Suez Canal, because it would almost certainly be seen and recorded and uploaded by someone.

That said, it must also be understood that, if indeed the carrier took a significant hit, anyone who is anyone in terms of access to surveillance satellite data is almost certain to already know one way or the other. That has to be a large number of people.

And in the sort of world in which we live, that valuable information would already be getting used to trade in the global financial markets. But I’ve not yet observed any pronounced moves in the key market indicators — at least not as I would expect if a US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier had gotten smacked by a Yemeni-launched missile.

Among many other indicators, I would most of all expect gold to attract a strong bid. Last I looked, that hasn’t happened. Even so, if the Ike isn’t planning on transiting the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, and heading home, then it is apparently hiding out somewhere in the far northern reaches of the Red Sea.


And where do they go from here? Run the gauntlet through the Gate of Grief again? I am increasingly inclined to believe that, at the very least, something happened last week that put enough of a scare into them that they don’t want to go back that way anytime soon.

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